quarta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2010

Dina Carroll: Escaping

Lying hereAll alone in the shadowsI believe when I sleepAll the pain's gonna fade awayI can dream, can't IWhen I close my eyesKiss the world goodbyeI dream I'm escapingTo a land far awayThrough the night timeThere's a secret placeWhere no one can hurt youDesert youNo one hurts youThat's why I'm escaping[chorus]
Oh it's hard to say goodbyeKnowing that when I tryTry to forget youLove brings reality homeI keep my heart upon the shelfHiding inside myselfWhat am I doingNo use in fadingWhen love is forsakenIt's so hard escaping your loveThere's a loveMade for me waiting out thereWhen that day comes alongI'll be strong, I will make it throughI can dream, can't IWhen I close my eyesWill the tears run dryThis time I'm escaping
Didn't think that I'd meet somebodyWho loves me like you doDidn't think I'd ever love somebodyThe way that I love you

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